Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Something To Think About: Where are the Medics?

Hi all! Hope you all had a good week! So what I want to talk about today is the big problem I see in 40k. There is a huge lack of medics in the 40k universe and I really don't see why... I mean, sure you have the apothecary for marines and the painboy for orkz, both of which confer FnP, but most of the other armies have  very little designed to act as a medic.

Now in my opinion, for a unit to act as a medic it simply has to keep a unit alive with special rules for regenerating wounds, through FnP or the regeneration rule for nids. So I really see no excuse for the armies that don't have specified medics. I imagine it could go something like this:

Chaos Daemons: Some kind of Elite unit, Nurgle maybe, that could have an aura making units have FnP in a 6" radius or something, or maybe some kind of lesser daemons that can help greaters recover their wounds. Not really a daemon fan, clearly...

Chaos Marines: Quite simply, a chaos apothecary. I can imagine that it would be a very cool model and it could be used as an upgrade character for units like a unique character or something. There could also be lesser daemons like I suggested for Chaos Daemons.

Eldar: I suppose the farseers could have psychic powers and warlocks of course.

Dark Eldar: Technically don't really need medics thanks to army wide FnP, but I suppose Haemonculi could be used to maintain talos and cronos like units.

Tau: Can't remember if there is a caste that would have lots of healers in it like the water caste or something. I can imagine a caste designed for healing personally.

Necrons: Harbinger of Healing. Nuff said.

Now I realise that this whole topic is a little shaky and the fluff might make some things tricky to justify. To be honest I may have overlooked (in fact, I probably have overlooked 90% of relevant info) but I thought it was just another thing I could throw into the ring. Well that's all I've got today folks, have a fantastic week and see you later!