Wednesday, 1 February 2012

1250- Dark Eldar .V. Grey Knights

Here we go folks; my first ever bat rep. Since it's my first report Bryss has kindly (or cruelly depending on your point of view) given me full reign over this report :I So lets get started, shall we?
Bryss' Dark Eldar- 1220 points (Not to sure on exact points values)
Lelith Hespirax
10 Kabalites- Blaster, splinter cannon
Raider- Night Shield
10 Kabalites- Blaster, splinter cannon
Raider- Night Shield
9 Wyches- Hekatrix with agoniser, shardnet
Raider- Night shield, Flickerfield
5 Kabalites
Cronos- Spirit probe, spirit vortex
Ravager- Night shield, flickerfield
Razorwing- 2 disintegrators, splinter cannon, 2 shatterfield missiles, night shield, flickerfield

Scape's Grey Knights- 1249 points
Librarian- Daemon Hammer, Mastery level 3, Psybolt ammo, Might of titan, sanctuary, shrouding, quicksilver
5 Purifiers- 2 Incinerators, 2 halberds, falchions
Razorback- Twin linked assault cannon, psybolt ammo
5 Terminators- Justicar thawn, psycannon, 2 falchions, Psybolt ammo
10 man Strike Squad- Psilencer, Psycannon, 2 halberds, 2 falchions, warding stave, daemon hammer, psybolt ammo
Rhino- Psybolt ammo
Dreadnought- 2 Twin linked autocannons, Psybolt ammo

Now before I begin; first time doing this, taking photos with an ipod; apologies for the blurry photographs :P

So the game; Capture and Control mission, pitched battle with Grey Knights going first. Grey Knights throw everything into reserve with the librarian deep striking in with the termies. Dark Eldar deploy just a Chronos and put everything else in reserve with lelith chilling with the wyches.

Well time to report! Grey Knights kick it off!
Turn 1.0
Everything is in reserve; nothing happens.
Turn 1.5
Again, nothing happens

Turn 2.0
The termies deep strike in next to the cronos, sizing the near daemonic entity up. The rhino holding the Strike squad rolls 12" onto the board, near the GK objective. The termies then go to shoot the cronos, succesfully wounding it once!
Turn 2.5

Clearly the tricky hand of Tzeench was working against the Grey Knights, because just as the cronos let out a cry of pain, the ENTIRE Dark Eldar force came in from reserve!

This turn consisted of the cronos making the wall it was hiding behind explode into shrapnel, and the wyches jumping ship; just next to the terminators...
The 5 man kabalite squad ran into cover, claiming the first objective of the game, The shooting phase was mainly uneventful with the grey knights remaining stalwart. However, once the Razorwing let loose its guns, 3 terminators fell, including justicar thawn.
Loving to kick a marine while he's down, the wyches assaulted the termies. Doing his best to keep his allies alive, the librarian cast Might of titan, sanctuary and hammerhand, all of which worked! The power of the sanctuary felled 1 wych before reaching combat. Seeking revenge for her fallen comrade, lelith targeted the Mon-Keigh commander, killing him before he could raise his hammer in defence. The wyches, inspired by their mistress, slaughtered another 2 terminators whilst evading every attack they could throw at them. The squads Ld held though, so combat would resume next turn...

Turn 3.0
The dreadnought walked on this turn, just as the strike squad went cruising speed towards the DE objective before activating the smoke launchers. The dreadnought took aim at the razorwing and, despite the advanced carboard protection devices, blew it out of the sky! Combat however saw the brutal massacre of the terminator squad, and the wyches consolidating 5" towards their raider...
 Turn 3.5
Thw wyches leaped into their raider just as it went flat out towards the GK objective. The cronos followed suit. Angered by the arrival of this Razorwing killer, the raider shot at the dreadnought, failing to damage it.
Turn 4.0
The razorback holding the purifiers finally arrived on the board close to the DE objective. Undisturbed by the onslaught of dark lances the dreadnought moved toward the raiders, and the rhino went flat out. The dread took aim at the raider holding the wyches and blew off its dark lance, but otherwise no damage had been done.
Turn 4.5
The ravager saw an oppurtunity and moved round to face the rear of the rhino. Realising they were under attack, the wyches had their raider moved behind the building keeping it well out of site. The cronos proceeded to run towards the dread and the 2 kabalite raider moved flat out. The ravager managed to score to penetrating rounds form the ravager but only a stunned result ensued.
Turn 5.0
In case you forgot, thawn can't really die, so it was with great relief from myslef that he rose back to life on this turn. The rhino that had suffered a stun was able to shrug it off with the aid of fortitude, much to the disgust of the ravagers gunner. The razorback advanced slowly taking aim at the 5 man kabalite squad, whilst the rhino moved slowly toward the ravager, before letting out its cargo, thawn then proceed to run at the raider that had just whisked past him.
The razorback then let loose its cannon at the kabalites, but due to them going to ground, caused no wounds. The dreadnought then took aim at the ravager before annihalating it with its autocannons. The strike squad then managed to down 2 of the kabalites who held firm. Meanwhile thawn had both shot and assaulted one of the raiders, doing nothing...?!
Turn 5.5
The Dark Eldar lughed a menacing laugh as they unleashed their doomsday attack!(maybe a bit too dramatic...) The wyches moved out into the open once again, claiming the objective, and the cronos continued to move towards the Dreadnought. Then, in a tactical second, the 2 kabalite raider surrounded the strike squad and the kabalites disembarked. The kabalites and raiders then let loose all the power they had on the strike squad and succeeded in downing 4 of the emperors finest. A dice was rolled; turn 6 was about to start...

Turn 6.0
In a desperate struggle, the rhino attempted to ram into the raider and kill a few kabalites in the process, Sadly, the driver forgot that skimmers can float; and missed... The dread on the other hand managed to wreck the wych raider and pin the occupants! The Razorback managed to kill off another 2 of the kabalites holding the objective and the strike squad was able to successfully wipe out the squad. Thawn then started running very very fast towards the GK objective...
Turn 6.5
Needing to assure their victory, the DE were merciless. The raiders and kabalites worked together to both reclaim their objective and wipe out the strike squad and attempted to take out thawn, failing to hit him. But it was unnecessary. the dice roll concluded the game
DE-2 GK-0

So there you have it folks, I lost despite using a psyflman. Next time though, I won't be so stupid in deploying :) And besides, I'm a Grey Knight; if I lose, I can always just call down an exterminatus ;)
See you next time folks!