Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rules Fix: Entropic Strike/ Gauss

The Tyranids represent racism...

ATTENTION ALL NECRON PLAYERS! I have been really happy with the new necron rulebook since it came out. It's much more fun to play than the previous edition, it doesn't have any glaringly bad units (well, maybe Eternity Crypteks) and it has some really cool special rules. Now it's time to fix one that just niggles me a bit; Entropic Strike/ Gauss.

What I mean by that is that I feel that the gauss rule should be replaced by entropic strike. Think about it; Gauss weaponry is meant to be the bane of tanks and troop armour alike; it's meant to strip objects apart molecule by molecule All the gauss rule does to represent this idea is that it will, on very special occasions, cause the tank to stop moving. It should be more like stripping down the tank of its armour in my opinion (which is what current entropic does).

Now I have done a test and it does make necron guns obscenely overpowered. The basic immortals can tear apart a land raider in 2 seconds flat with this rule change. So that's where my other rule change comes in.

Change Entropic Strike to 5+!

Essentially, what you're getting then is an army, armed to the teeth with guns that, once hit, have a 33% chance of reducing your armour with each shot. This would also make scarabs less of a requirement and make lists a little more diverse.

I know this won't be the most popular idea, but I think it would make gauss guns much more interesting if they had a special rule that was actually effective. Plus I think it would be cool if one of the "army" special rules, affected more than just a few units.