Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Army Project Planing Phase

Seriously, this picture is just too awesome for words...

So, I've recently purchased the new citadel painting guide and am wanting to try my hand at some fancy army to paint. This led me to try and decide what army I would use. Now, I wanted an army that I would like to play with as well as make, so I ended up trying to decide which codex I would use. I wanted to do a space marine spin-off, because- well just because! I guess that makes me a little bit of a marine fanboy... :o

Anyway, narrowing it down to Space Wolves and Blood Angels (both of which were combat orientated (a nice contrast to my shooty necrons)). In the end, I decided to do both, hence my wolf with wings at the top of the page.

Fluff-wise, the army is called the Dread Wolves and they are a second founding chapter of unknown origins, (maybe blood angels, maybe space wolves, maybe even one of the lost primarchs...) but nobody knows for sure. The chapter embraces a more feral approach to warfare than other space marine chapters and has a more medieval approach to standard day living. Their home-planet is Midnight, and it is a place that is almost always in darkness and the human residents have evolved to become use to the environment (Acute Senses basically). Oh and the chapter sigil is a wolfs head with wings coming out of it.

So the project will begin later this year and I will be posting updates as I go along with it. Watch this space!