Friday, 23 March 2012

Making gaming more exciting.

No link. Just found it on facebook :P

Gaming is a fun business isn't it? It lets us experience a world where everything is bigger than reality and tenderises our imaginations. Especially in tabletop wargaming. But its always the same. It doesn't matter how immersed you can get yourself in a game. There's always that little thing missing from the essence of the game that makes it more appealing and seem more epic. Companies such as Games Workshop have created scenery for games to make it more interactive, and this is one solution to make games more exciting. Yet, there are still other things players can do to make the game seem much more epic. One in particular, I feel, is music.

Music is a powerful thing and it can really set the atmosphere for anything, including a game set in the apocalyptic future. So the next time you play a game of warhammer fantasy or 40k, try playing a bit of your Metallica or Lady Gaga (hey she's freaky enough for 40k).

Also, I would be quite interested to hear what other people listen to when their gaming and why, so if you could leave some comments on what you like to listen to when you're gaming it would be greatly appreciated. Peace out everyone!