Monday, 28 May 2012

I'm back! With Chibi!

Image, courtesy of Ninjabread

Hello everyone! I'm back!
For the last few weeks I've been doing exams, buying an xbox, and enjoying the sunshine. However I haven't been blogging. So I think it's time to revise what this blog is about!
This isn't going to be a regular thing any more, I've decided. Instead I'm going to irregularly post depending on what's going on in the world of wargaming and gaming in general.
Also, and this is just a spur of the moment idea, I am probably going to be collaborating with my good friend Master Bryss in posts to do with... well whatever we want really! So stay tuned to this and Bryss' blog regularly!

Now, on to business. The Summer of- sorry, The Autu- Okay you know what, the Flyers are here!
Now I'm going to quickly run through my thoughts on each of them.

The Stormtalon- Not bad
Oh I can feel you realism fanboys, hating me right now. The Stormtalon is not a bad model! It's a small version of the stormraven, and it looks like a small fighter craft (which it is)! My only gripe; looking at the above image you can probably see it. That marine looks ridiculous! 

The Ork Nazi plane- Cool
Seriously, the model is ace! You are getting an actual ramshackle plane! With Guns! The only thing that could make this model any better is if it killed enemies with debris when it died!

The Scythe- "Robin Williams"
No. I don't CARE if it looks like a croissant! It is the sleekest model I've ever seen!

So there you have it. I'll probably be back once 6th edition hits, so stay tuned!